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New York, NY (UCCA) The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) has issued a statement (see attached statement) condemning the September 11, 2001 massive terrorist attacks on the United States. The statement denounces the heinous acts and "deplores the cowardly acts of violence, the faceless nature of terrorist activities, and the inhumanity and complete disregard for human life." Furthermore, while denouncing the terrorist onslaught, the UCCA statement also commended the heroic efforts of the emergency personnel and volunteers who risked and sacrificed their lives to save the lives of their fellow citizens. Such dedication is "the greatest gift of human self worth, respect, and kindness." The UCCA also sent letters of support and gratitude to President George Bush, Governor George Pataki, and Mayor Rudolph Guiliani commending them for their strong leadership in the wake of the tragedies..

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A radio guy I had been awful to said, "You know what, man? I'm so glad you called. I actually felt bad for you that you were carrying around so much bitterness and ugliness inside, and I'm happy you don't have that anymore. " Others were buy canada goose jacket angry. "Pursuant to your Order, I mediated the above referenced matter on the afternoon of last Monday, April 22nd and the afternoon of last Tuesday, April 23rd. Since resolution was not achieved, I brought the parties back for another formal session yesterday afternoon. I also have had several in person and telephone conversations Canada Goose Online with counsel..

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